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Matt Brumelow

is a Georgia native who has been a lifelong artist. His artistic influences come heavily from comic book art and fantasy illustrations. Matt can tattoo in a number of different styles, but he prefers neotraditional, illustrative, and black & gray.

My goal in tattooing is to create tattoos that will stand the test of time. My first couple of years tattooing I experimented a lot. I didn't really know how a tattoo ages. After seeing my work coming back a year or two later, I learned that some things only look good for a short period of time. Too many tattooers do a tattoo only to get a cool picture of it right when it's finished. Look at the same tattoo three years later, and it's a jumbled mess. This is why I have gravitated toward a neotraditional approach to tattooing. There is a great saying among tattooers: Bold will hold. I do bold tattoos with solid line work and rich color saturation. Black shading is a must. I don't do tattoos that I consider to be gimmicky or trendy at the cost of longevity. I really don't do watercolor style ,black light tattoos, all white ink tattoos, etc. I put my heart into everything I tattoo, and if it's a style I don't really feel confident about, it kills me. So my hope is that my clients will trust me to interpret their idea in my own vision.

Currently Matt works at Ink and Dagger Tattoo Parlour in Roswell, Georgia. He has been tattooing professionally since 2011.

Photo © 2012 John C Sweet